Rent Premium Band Stage Gear Package (Sound only)
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Are you hosting an international, established, Bollywood band for your event? Satisfy the highest grade of industry professionals. Rent this premium band stage gear package to fulfil their technical requirements. IMPORTANT INFORMATION
No. of people N/A
Venue Size Sq Ft N/A
Brand Pearl, Fender, Marshall, Roland, Ampeg
Basic Inclusions Drumkit, Guitar Amps
Suitable for Festival Stage, Concert, Pro Night, Bollywood Night
Drum kit Pearl Masters MCX (2 toms, 2 floor toms, snare drum, kick drum) with professional Zildjian / Sabian cymbals, hardware and carpet
Guitar amplifier Fender Twin / Fender Super Reverb / Fender Hot Rod Deville guitar tube amp combo
Marshall JCM 900 guitar tube amp head + Marshall 1960A guitar speaker cabinet / Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amp Head + Mesa Dual Rectifier Guitar Cabinet
Bass amplifier Ampeg SVT4 Pro bass amp head + Ampeg SVT810E Speaker Cabinet
Keyboard amplifier Roland KC880 keyboard amp combo
Accessory 6 x guitar stands, 2 x single keyboard stands, 1 x double keyboard stand
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