Spaghetti Kitchen

Being one of the leading players in the organized retail restaurant business, Pan India Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. currently dominates approximately 2,01,460 sq. ft. of food and beverage operations through the following brands:

Spaghetti Kitchen is a speciality restaurant conceived to serve up a rustic and flavoursome Italian cuisine. Designed as a refreshingly open and stylish restaurant, defined by its spacious settings and elegant décor, Spaghetti Kitchen is a unique destination that offers authentic Italian flavour in a contemporary atmosphere.

Spaghetti Kitchen approached BAJAAO to program artists that would complement the vibe of their restaurants in Gurgaon and Kolkata. They wanted live music that would act as an accompaniment to their food.

BAJAAO curated singer-songwriter and acoustic musicians at the venues – Unplugged Evenings is the name of the property. Artists such as Neel Adhikari, Ifs and Buts, Kapil Chhetri, etc have been successfully programmed at the venues to a large and receptive audience.