Smaaash is India’s first Urban Sports Center that seamlessly mixes gaming, partying and dining into an immersive experience, located in the heart of Mumbai’s business district. Their mission is to redefine sports entertainment, and to raise the bar for customer engagement.

Keeping this in mind, they’ve been looking to expand into the live music space. Smaaash approached BAJAAO Entertainment to help establish them as a music venue and to help them diversify into new avenues of entertainment that cater to new audiences. They had hosted music related events before, but wanted a step up in the kind and quality of entertainment on offer. We suggested two unique concepts that covered a platter of audiences: Smaaash’d and Urban Assault. The two properties cater to very different genres.

Smaaash’d showcases artists from the indie and electronica world, while Urban Assault focuses on heavy metal and hard rock. The Smaaash’d shows have featured artists ranging from dance music favourites B.R.E.E.D and Kumail to young indie stars like Blek and Spud In The Box.

For our Urban Assault shows, we’ve programmed heavy metal artists like Devoid, Zygnema and Providence. A unique venue like Smaaash’s paintball arena ­ which is where the shows happen ­ requires unique stage design and sound and lights. We redo the space for each show and customise our production services to suit the ambience of the venue as well as the genre and audience the show is catering to. Along with the production, we also handle artist hospitality and turnkey event management. These two properties have established Smaaash as a new music venue in Lower Parel, adding a platter of music audiences to its regular clientele.