Rise of the Zombies - BSI Entertainment & Kenny Media

Luminosity Pictures Pvt. Ltd. is a marketing & distribution consulting company that aims to create intelligent and unique films made with conviction, innovation and a strong creative belief of entertaining with a difference. They approached us to execute the music launch of the Luke Kenny starrer Rise of the Zombie in a way that recreated the uneasy, nail­-biting ambience of the movie. The aim was to give people a taste of the goosebumps they would get when watching the movie, and to create a buzz in the media. Since this was the first zombie origin movie in the history of Indian cinema, they wanted to create a benchmark with this music launch.

Since this was a low budget production, we had to achieve this at a fairly low cost. The launch took place at the Bandra Bandstand Amphitheatre, a venue surrounded by greenery with the look and feel of a small forest. We used this feature to our advantage and came up with innovative, inexpensive props to create the intended ambience. One of the challenges we faced was that the amphitheatre’s curved shape makes good speaker alignment very difficult but our sound team was up to the task and delivered great sound projection.

The launch went off without a hitch and our team received very positive feedback from the client.