Rent with Confidence

The Rentals by BAJAAO Entertainment team is comprised of experienced sound engineers and musicians who understand music and sound. It is this expertise that makes us uniquely qualified to attend to your requirements. Each package has been created keeping basic and unique requirements in mind and customisations as easily possible. For any further information get in touch with our team.

The biggest fear anyone has ever had when it comes to renting gear online is getting duped and end up being with a counterfeit product, especially with people making such good first copies and refurbished products.
We at Rentals by BAJAAO Entertainment stand against counterfeit products, and we make sure that every product that is sent out for rentals is a genuine product.
As a customer is that, you can rest assured that whatever you've rented get a 100% original product guarantee from BAJAAO.

In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the services or products that have been provided, please get back to us in 1 business day and we will issue you a 100% refund. 
Some of the scenarios which assure a money back guarantee are:
1. If there is a technical flaw in the gear that has been sent. In the event that the gear malfunctions or doesn't work at all, your money will be refunded. 
2. If the rental doesn't reach on time, your money will be refunded. 
3. If incorrect equipment is sent for the event, your money will be refunded. Please note that in the event the gear you have requested isn't available we will try our best to suggest you suitable alternatives. These alternatives don't fall in the incorrect equipment guarantee.