High Street Phoenix - Lower Parel

HSPHigh Street Phoenix is Mumbai’s premier and largest shopping and entertainment destination located at Lower Parel. It houses over 500 brands, spread out over 3.3 million square feet of space. In 2013, the marketing team of High Street Phoenix approached BAJAAO Entertainment to help them program bands at the courtyard of the mall. The HSP team believed that live music performances would be a great marketing and positioning tool in setting them apart from other malls in the city, and attract a larger audience to their mall, and in turn increase their sales. We worked along with HSP to deliver a good experience and reposition the mall as a place where people could come not only to shop, but also relax, unwind and enjoy themselves. We focused on supporting and promoting young artists, and took on the responsibility of ensuring a great time for both the artists and the general public. The successful result of these efforts was the growth of HSP as an active public space for the local community. BAJAAO started off programming one artist a month at the courtyard of the mall at an event called Thursday Jam Ups. The process of converting a shopping mall to a live music venue was slow, but steady. Due to positive feedback from both artists and audiences, the mall decided to increase the frequency of Thursday Jam Ups from once a month to once a week. These performances then further increased to 2 performances a week, on Fridays and Saturdays, when the mall experienced its highest footfalls. The budgets and the scope of the artists grew with the popularity of the performances. Over the course of several months, Phoenix decided to have smaller music performances in several locations all over the mall, in addition to the courtyard events. BAJAAO programmed singer­songwriters, DJs and instrumental performances, which brought life to many small sections of the mall. Performers at the mall have included the likes of senior musicians Nandu Bhende and Ravi Iyer, famous rock bands ­ Blakc, The Lightyears Explode and Spud in the Box to name a few, electronica artists such as Your Chin and Fuzz Culture, and singer­songwriters Tejas Menon and Heather Andrews. Today, High Street Phoenix is known not only for being the ‘go to’ place for shopping, but it is also known for its quality music performances. Artists are excited to play at this venue, which offers them a wide range of audiences, from the young college going crowd, to older people who wouldn’t generally go to other live music venues in the city. These performances have also impacted the mall’s numbers in a very positive way. Today, HSP sees a floating crowd of approximately 1000 people at each of the courtyard performances.