High Street Phoenix

High Street Phoenix is Mumbai’s premier and largest shopping and entertainment destination, housing more than 500 brands spread out over 3.3 million square feet of space. In 2013, the marketing team of HSP approached BAJAAO Entertainment to help them programme band performances at the mall’s courtyard. The HSP team believed that live music performances would be a great marketing and positioning tool to set them apart from other malls in the city, and attract a larger audience to their mall, in turn increasing their sales. We worked along with HSP to deliver a good experience and reposition the mall as a place where people could come not only to shop, but also relax, unwind and enjoy themselves. We focused on supporting and promoting young artists, and took on the responsibility of ensuring a great time for both the artists and the general public. The successful result of these efforts was the growth of HSP as an active public space for the local community. We achieved this thanks to our holistic approach to event curation and management services ­including stage design, sound and light reinforcement and artist hospitality arrangements. While we initially handled only the courtyard shows at the mall, we soon expanded with additional smaller performances across the various areas of the mall. The next step was to go bigger and to go beyond just music.

We collaborated with HSP to create and execute Artsy Affaire in February 2015. This was a community driven festival showcasing art, films and music featuring graffiti artists, doodle workshops, poetry reading sessions, b­boy crews, drum circles and music performances by the likes of Your Chin, Nirmika Singh, Tejas Menon etc. The festival saw a floating crowd of approximately 2500 people each day and successfully placed HSP on the cultural map of the city.