Freak Guitar Camp India

The Freak Guitar Camp is a week­ long programme for guitar players conducted by guitar guru Mattias IA Eklundh, frontman of Swedish progressive metal band Freak Kitchen. Freak Guitar Camp usually takes place in the Swedish woods outside Stockholm.

BAJAAO Entertainment organized the first ever Freak Guitar Camp outside Sweden at the serene Jal Srushti Island Resort in Mulshi, Pune, in October 2014. We reached out to Indian guitar players who were interested in learning advanced guitar playing and invited them to the camp. BAJAAO was responsible for the overall coordination and management of the camp in terms of sound, backline, producing course material, travel and accommodation for Mattias as well as the students. We created a package deal for all Freak Guitar Camp students for the trip. 20 students attended the first edition of the camp. Campers went through rigorous hours of guitar playing day in and out, training together for a week. The students left the camp as more conditioned, theoretically sound and technically adept guitar players.

"It changed my life, I will never play guitar the same way again." ­ Anish Menon, Freak camper.