BAJAAO has a long-standing engagement with India’s metal and hard rock community and we noticed the lack of big concerts or festivals catering to them. We decided to fix that with BIG69, a full scale heavy metal festival with 18 Indian bands and 5 international bands playing at 3 stages over 2 days. The BAJAAO Entertainment team handled all aspects of the festival – including conceptualisation and branding, line-up curation, artist programming, sound and lights production, stage management, hospitality, marketing and promotions.
The successful inaugural 2015 edition of the festival had a special emphasis on art associated with heavy metal and featured specially designed stages, installations and venue decor created by some of the country’s finest illustrators and designers. The lights and sound production was at par with international music festivals and guaranteed that both the bands and the audience had the best audio-visual experience possible. Besides the music, we ensured an excellent overall experience for the approximately 4000 attendees with well curated food stalls, a special festival exclusive alt-bier and activities like Smash-A-Car.

“BIG69 has set the bar high for themselves with the first edition, and fans will expect no less from its second edition next year.” – Rolling Stone India