A BAJAAO Entertainment property, BIG69 is India’s first heavy metal festival offering a well-curated, full-scale festival experience. Our first foray into conceptualising and executing a festival all on our own, BIG69’s successful first edition took place in January 2015 at Richardson and Cruddas, Mumbai.

We chose metal because the genre has a very dedicated fanbase that has been underserved by the recent explosion of indie and electronica festivals. To make it a success, we needed a fresh and engaging line-up of artists that would attract as many metal fans as possible from across the music style and sub-genre divisions. Keeping this in mind, we curated a line-up of 18 metal bands from across the country such as Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos, Undying Inc., Zygnema, Bombay Metal Project, Joint Family etc. Complementing the home-grown artists were the five international acts on the line-up - Progressive metallers SikTh, rap-djent pioneers Hacktivist and death metal legends Carcass from the UK, technical death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse from Italy, and new age metallers Underside from Nepal.

The lineup was well rounded and showcased most of the sub-genres of metal music in India, and was very well received.