Artist Booking

BAJAAO Entertainment is well equipped to handle artist programming for your event, whether it’s a private party or an arts festival. Thanks to our years of working in live events, we work with a wide range of artists - both Indian and international - and have developed expertise in artist services such as bookings, tour management, artist liaisons, and programming for venues and festivals.

The type of artist suitable for your event depends on a number of factors like your venue, your target audience and your budget, and our team works closely with you to identify and programme artists that fit all your requirements.

Some of the artists we have worked with include SikTh, Hacktvist, Demonic Ressurrection, BLOT!, Bay Beat Collective, Sandunes, Nandu Bhende, Blakc, The Lightyears Explode, Spud in the Box, The Ganesh Talkies, etc.

Check out some of the artists we've programmed HERE.

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